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IT Architect

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IT Architect

The IT Architect advises on, and makes decisions regarding, the overall technical direction of the solution.

This position is responsible for developing and guiding solution designs to meet Allant client needs. These solutions may be a combination of information technologies such as databases, programming languages, ETL techniques, design approaches, software packages and components. In addition to designing specific client solutions, the IT Architect is also responsible for defining and evolving overall IT architecture and standards that maximize the synergy, reuse and value of individual IT solutions and components over time.

The goal is to design practical tailored solutions for Allant clients that balance business cost, expediency and effectiveness with overall IT architectural integrity and technical elegance.


  • Translate requirements into designs for a solution that incorporates ETL, data warehouse and data mart components.
  • Design and document conceptual logical and physical data models for the data warehouse and associated data marts.
  • Evolve data models to meet new, and changing, business requirements.
  • Adapt ETL processes to accommodate changes in source systems, input data files, and new business user requirements.
  • Partner with the IT Solution Lead to create specifications for the scripts that will extract, transform, clean and move data in or out of the data warehouse, data marts, or operational data store.
  • Research and analyze source data systems and data input files.
  • Ensure system level component reuse and use of inter-project synergies
  • Map source system data to data warehouse models.
  • Work with the solution development team to ensure that technical solutions align with the overall IT architecture frameworks and design guidelines.
  • Partner with the assigned IT Solution Lead to guide the development of the database solution.
  • Help to oversee and review unit testing
  • Support QA team during integration and user acceptance testing
  • Support deployment of solution into production
  • Follow industry and Allant standards and best practices

Technical Requirements

  • Proficient in use of Oracle SQL.
  • Proficient with Oracle DDL used to create tables, indexes, and foreign keys, partitions, etc.
  • Proficient in data warehousing concepts and constructs, including star schema data models.
  • Proficient with data normalization, OLTP, OLAP, Star Schemas, and Kimball data warehouse theory.
  • Expert in creating detailed technical specifications.
  • Proficient ETL developer.
  • Proficient working on UNIX/Linux platforms.
  • Familiar with the creation and modification of Perl scripts.
  • Proficient with Oracle Analytic functions.
  • Proficient with ERwin Data Modeler or similar modeling tool.
  • Familiarity with the SDLC of database solutions
  • Familiar with interpreted language development.
  • Database marketing development or production experience.
  • Experience with Business Intelligence Tools (e.g. Business Objects, Cognos, Qlikview, Microstrategy).
  • Experience with Campaign Management Tools (e.g. Unica, Alterian, Neolane).
  • Proficient working with large data volumes (millions to billions of records).
  • Proficient with performance tuning SQL, including use of explains plans, partitions, Oracle hints etc.
  • Proficient in working in a hands-on development environment using custom scripts and in-house technologies, without the aid of third party ETL Tools such as Informatica, IBM Data Stage, Ab Initio and Oracle Warehouse Builder.

Non-Technical Requirements -

  • Interested in continued studies of data warehousing techniques.
  • Able to work independently and within small IT teams (5-10 IT professionals)
  • Self-motivated and self-managing.
  • Proficient in participating in code reviews.
  • Proficient in identifying and communicating scope changes.
  • Proficient in educating and mentoring production staff on technical issues.
  • Proficient in creating reasonable and accurate time estimates for assigned tasks.
  • Strong interpersonal and verbal communications skills
  • Strong presentation skills
  • Ability to effectively interact with non-technical people
  • Strong documentation skills; must have interest in writing technical design documents, including technical process flow diagrams
  • Must be US Citizen or permanent resident
  • No travel required

Optional Skills:

  • Familiar with the creation and modification of Perl scripts
  • Familiarity with PL/SQL
  • Familiarity in the creation and modification of web services

Standards of Performance

  • Proven ability to write and support Allant computer programs/systems.
  • Demonstrated understanding and use of Unix operating system.
  • Ability to work productively with minimal supervision.
  • Strong analysis and problem resolution skills.
  • Examples of system documentation and user training/turnover .
  • Proactive and informed participation in team meetings and user discussions.
  • Cooperation and support of Users and Management.
  • Management of multiple concurrent projects and making full use of work time.
  • Good track record showing that work is on time and correct.
  • Demonstrated actions that indicate mentoring, training, and assistance.

Education, Training, and Experience

  • B.S. degree or equivalent work experience in computer programming, analysis, and design is required. Education should include both formal and work related experiences.
  • 5+ years’ experience as a senior developer or junior architect on a team that designed and constructed a large (multi-Terabyte) data warehouse.
  • 6+ years’ experience as an Oracle developer.
  • 6+ years of experience setting up and developing ETL applications and processes.
  • 6+ years’ experience developing on UNIX/Linux platforms.
  • 3+ years developing with interpreted languages (e.g. shell scripts, PL/SQL, Perl, or similar).
  • Eagerness to continue to learn new skills and technologies as defined
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