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Sr. Data Engineer

Zignal Labs

Job Description

The Zignal Labs platform engineering team powers the collection, enrichment, and indexing of hundreds of millions of news stories, videos, social media and broadcast clips using cutting edge big data technology. We’re proud of the fact that within split seconds of news stories/social media updates being published, they’re streamed to our Command Center newsroom and dashboards in real time empowering our customers to discover trends and gain insights the second they occur.

To help scale the team, we’re looking for a Senior Data Engineer. The right candidate enjoys stepping up and leading technical initiatives, sharing ideas and listening to feedback from peers.

We foster an inclusive, supportive and fun team environment; fully committing to each story or initiative we’re working on. We take ideas from their initial stages right through to production collaborating closely all the way.

We’re innovative, continuous learners and value diversity of ideas and approaches.


In the first two weeks at Zignal Labs you’ll...

  • Pair up with teammates, learn about our real-time streaming data pipeline and ship both a bug fix and new feature to production; demoing your work at our end-of-sprint review session
  • Meet cross-functional peers on our DevOps, front-end, customer success, marketing, and sales teams, experiencing hands-on demos of our fantastic products
  • Take advantage of the many Zignal perks including catered lunches and weekly release celebrations with themed snacks


To be successful in the role you should have...  

  • The ability to work with loosely defined requirements and exercise your analytical skills to clarify questions, share your approach and build/test elegant solutions in weekly sprint/release cycles
  • A drive to get results and not let anything get in your way
  • Proficiency in Scala and/or other functional programming languages and pride in producing clean, maintainable code
  • A passion for developing, configuring and testing highly scalable applications/data pipelines running on Storm, Spark or similar distributed systems
  • Competency writing applications that interact with Kafka, Zookeeper, Elasticsearch, Redis and/or similar open source technologies
  • Experience working with devops teams and tools to ensure your work makes a smooth, automated, repeatable transition from your Mac to our staging and production environments
  • Competency locating, troubleshooting and fixing bugs and performance issues in distributed systems running on the JVM
  • Knowledge of best practice around continuous integration, test driven development, code review, local containerized development/testing and everything it takes to ensure your high quality code works both for you and our customers
  • A desire to keep abreast of the latest industry trends and technologies, a commitment to continuous learning and an open mind to others - no matter how senior or junior they are
  • A calm, assertive approach to diagnosing and fixing urgent problems in production; we have a fair on-call rotation system to ensure our system is running smoothly for our customers


Why join Zignal Labs?

  • Awesome market leading product in an expanding space
  • Innovative, customer centric culture & bright, passionate teammates
  • Competitive compensation, including equity
  • 100% paid healthcare
  • Macbooks for everyone!
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