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Data Engineering Team Lead


Job Description

Weebly's Data Engineering Team Lead position is a pivotal player-coach role that begins as 100% engineering individual contributor and can evolve into a 70% IC / 30% team lead role. As the team expands (currently 3 engineers), the role may evolve into an engineering management role.

The data science and analytics team is tight-knit group of nearly a dozen analysts and engineers that support all aspects of Weebly’s business. The leader in this role will work with the Head of Data Science and Analytics to formulate Weebly’s data strategy and work with the data engineers to implement the appropriate architecture and execute on the strategy. This entails building systems for all parts of the data lifecycle: collection, storage, accessibility, insights, and business action.

We’re looking for someone who has ideally built reporting, BI, and predictive systems at a technology company before. We’re also hoping you’ve managed or led a team in a coaching capacity before. It is expected that you have experience with a number of different programming languages and understand using the right tools for the given job.

This role reports to the Head of Data Science and Analytics. 



  • Writing code. This is a senior engineer role.
  • Provide the direction of our data engineering and architecture. Determine the right tools for the right jobs. We collaborate on the requirements and then you call the shots on what gets built. Seriously.
  • Institute business intelligence best practices (i.e. dimensional modeling, ETL pipeline, large scale distributed ETL pipelines) to enable large-scale machine learning
  • Create and maintain analytics data pipelines that generates data + insight to power business decision making
  • Bootstrapping a data engineering team at an early stage in the team’s evolution


  • 7+ years as a software engineer, 10+ years preferred
  • Extensive knowledge of BI concepts (i.e. ETL, dimensional modeling, data warehouse design, dashboarding)
  • Extensive knowledge of database query languages (i.e. SQL or its MPP equivalent), database design, optimizing queries, internals knowledge of query planning
  • Extensive experience with distributed computing/MapReduce + JVM

Bonus Points:

  • Extensive experience with event tracking or marketing lead tracking
  • Extensive experience in Hadoop cluster/ JVM configuration + management
  • Familiarity with MVC web development concepts and have a breadth of development experience
  • Information retrieval: Solr/ElasticSearch/Lucene, Search
  • NLP
  • Productionize Machine Learning Code
  • Technical paper publications, conference speaking engagements
  • Management, coaching, or mentorship experience



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The office culture at Weebly encourages new ideas and teamwork above all else. Our team is collaborative and sociable. We actually enjoy spending our daily Weebly sponsored meals together, and look forward to our monthly special outings. We also stay happy and healthy with yoga classes, massages, and *fierce* games of ping-pong.

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