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Today’s consumers are a whole new breed. They read constantly across multiple platforms; whether it’s a social media post on their mobile, news on their tablet, a magazine on a flight, or a newspaper on their commute. To help publishers, advertisers and advertising agencies understand what the impact of this massive shift in reading behaviour means for their businesses, NADbank and the Print Measurement Bureau (PMB) joined forces in 2014 to become Vividata. We are a tripartite, not-for-profit organization that provides a whole new read on readers.

Every quarter Vividata undertakes one of the most comprehensive consumer surveys in Canada, covering hundreds of product and service categories. By measuring key attitudes and behaviours of Canadian consumers, and unearthing rich, current data, Vividata provides its membership of with a thorough cross-platform picture of the audience segments they are interested in.

Additionally, Vividata delivers a comprehensive database of consumer demographics, media usage, lifestyle and attitudinal data, and product usage across 150+ categories.  Results from our annual national sample of 40,000+ Canadians (age 12+) surveyed across 50+ markets, are released quarterly as rolling 12-month data.



The President & CEO will provide the leadership to solidify Vividata’s position at the forefront of the media measurement industry. 

The new leader will have the opportunity to advance Vividata’s mission and objectives to promote our profitability and growth as an organization, as well as oversee operations to ensure efficiency, member satisfaction, quality, service, and cost-effective management of resources. Most importantly, the CEO will look for ways to optimize revenue and expand the stakeholder base. 

This role will engage a dedicated team, high-profile Board, and sub-committees to effect an organization that captures audience measurement on all platforms, and a deeper understanding of how media brands engage consumers.



The President & CEO will focus on enhancing the value Vividata provides to its members, including:

Strategy & Leadership

  • In an industry that has been disrupted by the advent of technology, be a thought leader for the media sector. Be the face of the organization and evangelize on behalf of its members to seek solutions and build consensus with a diverse group of stakeholders, affiliate members, media and the community at large. 
  • Building, developing, and managing the relationships with talented collaborators, as well as an engaged community of interest, is critical. 
  • Continue to develop strategic and financial plans, revenue, and long-term business development opportunities of the organization whilst monitoring and evolving where necessary.
  • Add passive digital measurement into Vividata’s research offering, in an affordable and industry-leading fashion.
  • Evolve branding strategy and the communication plan, leveraging online, PR, and ‘road shows’ to convey Vividata news.
  • Plan, develop, and implement strategies for generating resources and/or revenues and recruit new members, including the development of distinct additional business operations to initiate and make the most of database useage from core and non-core members.
  • Identify merger and acquisition opportunities to consolidate the organizations serving the industry and direct implementation activities.
  • Work with member organizations (agencies, national sales groups, publishers in smaller markets) to help train members on how to use the data and software, as well as assistance on how to provide the messaging (results of the data) to their advertisers.
  • Understand media research; access requirements of each group member and individual company, and predict publisher and advertiser expectations.
  • Stay current within the industry by attending conferences and joining industry associations like the CMDC, ICA/ACA, IAB, Market Research and Intelligence Association, ESOMAR, Print Digital Research Forum, and IMNA.

Management & Operations

  • Direct day-to-day operations overseeing all areas of Vividata’s business, from the boardroom to a variety of multiple projects including operational procedures, budgets, policies, and standards. 
  • Work with a small, dedicated team, including market, client service research, paid interns, and ad hoc contract specialists (PR, research, creative). Ensure that team members understand Vividata, support them, and provide learning opportunities to keep the job interesting.
  • Participate in regular status meetings with teams, research suppliers, stakeholders, and other company members.
  • Attend all Technical/Research Committee meetings providing middle management and support to the Committee Chair as well as Vividata’s Research Director, Marketing Director, and research team. Ensure new ideas and methods for research are circulated and developed.
  • Meet with the Executive Committee and provide appropriate updates on progress of key strategic goals and financial progress as well as follow-up to directives.
  • Seek appropriate research suppliers and contract data collection out to companies; ensure data integrity, negotiate fees for contracted work (track record of the supplier), approve contracts and review details of the contract to ensure it is aligned with data requirements. Present contracts to the Board.
  • Oversee the marketing of the data, analyze how the database can be used to generate new revenue streams, and ensure that all results are marketed in a comprehensive matter for members.
  • Assume responsibility for hiring staff as well as training, supervising, motivating, engaging, and evaluating as needed to support and attain organization objectives.
  • Manage, mentor, and motivate staff to accomplish the organization’s objectives while servicing member needs and maintaining fiscal responsibility. Coaching and mentoring will play an important role. Continue to build a strong corporate and organizational culture.
  • Take necessary steps to ensure compliance with all laws, bylaws, and best practices.

Board Support & Administration

  • Attend all regular Board Committee meetings providing appropriate materials as required and direct operating committee meetings such as Nominations, Branding/Marketing, and Research.
  • Present updates of progress on research projects, financial, operational budget updates, fees charged by members, and contracts for research contractors.
  • Ensure the direction developed by the Board is implemented, provide guidance to the Board, and know what will benefit the industry and company.
  • Ensure member companies stay informed of new trends and surveys by way of media streams like blogs, press releases, and social media. Anticipate their expectations.
  • Continue to evolve educational modules for stakeholders (website and presentations).
  • Maintain checks and balances; have knowledge of methodologies for data collection to ensure that there are correct data processing methods; research staff work with supplier to make sure there is follow-through; understand member company needs and expectations.
  • Ensure the governance rules of the organization are followed and reviewed. This includes legal issues such as observance of privacy requirements and licence agreements, pension plans, and administrative tasks as required.
  • Ensure integrity of the data; oversee that it is being collected, ensure what is agreed to is presented correctly; support research team and research contractors.
  • Manage other administrative duties, such as overseeing financial responsibilities, including revenue, cash flow, accounts receivable and payable, and payroll. Support Human Resources functions.
  • Database management: build and maintain database (obtain and publish data); produce correct and accurate data; ensure data is current for buying and selling purposes.
  • Manage requests for membership and by-laws that govern membership; propose to the Board for approval before processing.



  • An undergraduate degree in Business or related field. 
  • 15 years’ experience including more than 10 years of executive leadership experience in a related field: Media, Advertising, Publishing, Research, and/or Digital.
  • Proven track record in strategic planning and execution, financial oversight, change management, commercial acumen, and business development.
  • Experience in transforming an organization and evolving its mission in a changing landscape.
  • An ambition to be at the forefront of audience measurement and marketing research in Canada and globally.
  • Service-oriented with the understanding of the needs of a membership.
  • A deep understanding of Vividata’s mission and service offering.
  • Working knowledge of the total media ecosystem (legacy, digital, social).
  • An understanding of data collection management for either corporate or not-for-profit organization or both.
  • Demonstrated ability to build relationships, persuade and influence stakeholders, potential members, and key individuals within the industry including research suppliers.
  • Highly skilled at meeting the needs of a diverse group of stakeholders.
  • Judgement and discretion with respect to political and legal issues.
  • Possesses the respect of a wide range of industry members in media, communications and advertising.
  • Superb communication, interpersonal, and organization skills are a must.
  • Track record of team leadership.
  • Passion for media research and audience measurement.
  • International knowledge of/experience with research methodologies and developments.
  • Bilingualism is a preferred asset.



  • Business-savvy, and driven with an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • A goal-oriented pacesetter who creates momentum in pursuit of institutional objectives.
  • Diplomatic; a collaborative team player.
  • An influential and personable communicator; inspires organization members to share common vision and goals and leads by example.
  • Inclusive and generous; able to build trust and engender confidence internally and externally. Possesses an impeccable reputation for integrity, and widely recognized for strong, creative leadership.
  • Intellectually curious and an out-of-the-box thinker.
  • Experienced and comfortable handling crisis management.
  • A self-starter who works well independently and is self-regulating. Can manage the day-to-day responsibility of the database including collecting payment from members.
  • Enjoys working and leading in a complex, open, and transparent environment.



A competitive, experience-based compensation package with benefits and discretionary bonus will be provided. 



Please submit your application by mailing your cover letter and résumé to: vividata@searchlightcanada.com.

Vividata is an equal-opportunity employer.

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