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As a Twitter Data Scientist, you will be designing, building, and shipping complex models that learn from Twitter data. We are looking for folks that are passionate about understanding data, are well versed in scalable data mining and machine learning techniques, and love to build models. If challenges like the Netflix prize and KDD cup excite you, this is your dream job. A passion for measuring model quality and iteratively improving them using feature engineering is a big plus.


  • Apply data-mining, machine learning and/or graph analysis techniques for a variety of modeling and relevance problems involving users, their relationships, their tweets and their interests
  • Build complex statistical models that learn from and scale to petabytes of data
  • Use Map-Reduce frameworks such as Pig and Scalding, statistical software such as R, and scripting languages like Python and Ruby

  • Write and interpret complex SQL queries for standard as well as ad hoc data mining purposes

  • Define metrics, understand A/B testing and statistical measurement of model quality

  • Understand and leverage crowdsourcing and human computation approaches to data labeling


  • MS or PhD in computer science, data mining, machine learning, statistics, math, engineering, operations Research, or other quantitative discipline

  • Fluent in one or more object oriented languages like Java, Scala, C#, C++ 

  • Experience with scripting languages like Python or Ruby, etc
  • Experience with feature engineering and model building

  • Experience with statistical programming environments like R or Matlab

  • Experience in mapping business needs to engineering systems


  • Three or more years of industry experience

  • Experience with large datasets and map-reduce architectures like Hadoop and open source data mining and machine learning projects 

  • Active Twitter user
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1355 Market St, Suite 900
San Francisco, CA 94103
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Full Time