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Data Scientist

Stitch Labs

Job Description

At Stitch, the data science team works to drive internal business and product decisions with empirical evidence and experimentation. We are also strong believers that Stitch can bring a similar level of insight to our customers by helping them make decisions around their own purchasing, inventory, and sales processes. As Stitch grows as a company so has the scale of data there is a continual effort to make access to data, insights, and experimentation scaleable for both internal analysis and customer facing insights.

We are looking for an experienced data scientist to join our team and expand upon the work we have done and help lead the quantitative direction of new projects.

An exceptional candidate will thrive at the intersection of data analysis, project management, and business acumen. You will prioritize projects and methods, understanding the opportunity cost and business implications. You favor iteration over perfection, acknowledging that there is no perfect way, but there is always a better way.

What You'll Do

Our work has a tremendous impact on the business. If you have a proven background in this field and are excited to help build our rapidly growing team, we want to hear from you! On any given day, you might be:

  • Collaborating cross-functionally with other business leaders to realize and execute on opportunities
  • Innovating and building new data products that move key company metrics
  • Contributing to the technical vision around the tools we use and the way we work
  • Maintaining and creating new algorithms to bring data and insights, such as demand forecasting to our customers at scale
  • Building a model and working with our engineering team to notify our customer team of customers who are at risk for churning or our sales team of customers who are primed to be upsold
  • Diving deep into our dataset to find fascinating (or informative) data insights and unexpected correlations that the press and retailers are excited by and interested in reporting
  • Mentoring less-experienced members of the team toward becoming better data scientists, and help the broader company increase their understanding and ability to analyze and interpret data


  • Proven technical background as a data scientist or a PhD in a quantitative field
  • Ability to write clean and concise code, especially in R or Python
  • Solid understanding of statistics and data science methods
  • Intuition for data science best practices, stemming from proven experience
  • Deep domain knowledge in at least one business area and experience with large scale data sets
  • Excellent communicator who inspires action through data storytelling, enhanced with strong, clear visualizations and communicating technical results to a nontechnical audience
  • Intense intellectual curiosity -- strong desire to always be learning
  • Analytical, creative and innovative approach to solving difficult problems

Why Stitch?

We are a restless bunch at Stitch. We're leaders in our industry, but our hunger to make an impact on the world is barely satisfied. Our grit, passion, and unyielding dedication to improve the lives our customers influences our culture in ways you won't find at other companies. And while we continue to be the best, it doesn't go without care, compassion and appreciation for the people around us. When you walk in our doors, you'll find smart, courageous people who consider one another family. And this is something we protect every day.

You'll be encouraged to embrace curiosity and always ask "why". Whatever you thought about working hard will be put to the challenge here. So if you are the kind of person who welcomes the challenge, an environment that will push you to grow and a company that moves quickly, well - you've found the right place.

How to Apply

Remember, we're looking for someone who can process and analyze data, as well as communicate it in order to impact the business. Your cover letter should make it immediately evident that you've taken the time to research Stitch's product and values. It should succinctly describe why you're the best fit for this position on our team. You're in-freaking-credible, sure, but why are you the amazing candidate that Stitch needs?

We're looking forward to hearing from you!

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