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Research Fellow - Center for Predictive Analytics

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Job Description

Job Description

The Center for Predictive Analytics (C-PAN) seeks to invest in the development and maintenance of a strong research team dedicated to conducting externally funded and internally sponsored data science projects. Included among these projects are data analyses and reports related to the SIU System Strategic Plan and Anti-Racism, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (ADEI) Scorecard. The Research Fellow will perform the tasks related to the SIU System Strategic Plan and ADEI Scorecard, as well as to support C-PAN's research team. The selected candidate will also oversee other research projects that are undertaken by C-PAN, help write grant proposals and research articles for peer-reviewed publications, pursue contractual work with industry and government entities, and interact with SIUE students as they learn how to apply data science concepts in a real­world setting. 

The Research Fellow will be responsible for leading research activities in the following areas:

  • Monitor the implementation of the SIU System Strategic Plan.
  • Work with key responsible individuals in collecting data related to strategic planning goals, objectives and strategies.
  • Responsible for the analyses, reporting, and maintenance of data related to the System Strategic-Plan metrics. The hired individual will be responsible for creating data summaries and reports that aid the SIU System in decision making and implementation of the System Strategic Plan.
  • Provide an analysis of strategic planning metrics and makes recommendations to the strategic planning committee and System administration on any changes that need to be made to Strategic Plan strategies and objectives.
  • Provide information and recommendations to support the System administration in planning and decision making related to the Strategic Plan.
  • Develop and manage the System Strategic Planning website.
  • Provide updates and reports to System administrators in facilitating the reporting and dissemination of Strategic Planning progress and results.
  • Monitor national and industry trends in academia regarding System Strategic Plan goals, objectives and metrics and participate in proactive decision making related to improvement of System operations.
  • Support strong management, planning and decision-making functions based on Strategic Plan metrics.
  • Participate on committees and task forces needed for the successful implementation of the System Strategic Plan.
  • Monitor and maintain the Anti-Racism, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (ADEI) Scorecard and associated metrics.
  • Support the research activities and analyses undertaken by the Center for Predictive Analytics (C-PAN). Provides analytical expertise and conducts analyses. Creates summaries and reports for clients and stakeholders.

In a typical week, the individual hired for this position will spend 75% of their time working on SIU System activities and 25% of their time working on other C-PAN research and contractual activities. The hired individual will be leading these activities.  Additionally, the Research Fellow will oversee and train graduate and undergraduate students that are working on projects for which they are responsible. Projects will be assigned based on on-going conversations with C-PAN's Director.


Minimum Qualifications

  1. Bachelor’s degree in Business, Marketing, Data Science, Statistics, Computer Science, Mathematics, or related field AND 15+ years' relevant experience.
    OR Master's of Science in Business, Marketing, Data Science, Statistics, Computer Science, Mathematics, or related field AND 5+ years' relevant experience.
    OR MBA AND 5+ years' relevant experience
  2. Demonstrable skills in business intelligence/analytics or data science.
  3. Prior experience working with clients and/or stakeholders to market products and create reports. Excellent oral and written presentation skills.
  4. Data management experience. Ability to extract, integrate or aggregate, and analyze large amounts of data using computational tools.
  5. Ability to prioritize and execute multiple tasks/projects simultaneously and perform tasks with minimal oversight.

Desired Skills:

  • 2+ years working in Tableau, Power BI, R, SAS, Python, SQL, or another analytical platform
  • Experience working in both data science/computer science and marketing/sales.


Southern Illinois University Edwardsville nurtures an open, respectful, and welcoming climate that facilitates learning and work. SIUE is committed to education that explores the historic significance of diversity in order to understand the present and to better enable our community to engage the future. Integral to this commitment, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville strives for a student body and a workforce that is both diverse and inclusive. We strongly encourage candidates from historically underrepresented groups, including women, members of racially minoritized groups, and individuals with disabilities, to apply.  For more on our State of Diversity, visit SIUE Mission, Goals and Plans  

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