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The Rosetta Stone team is quickly evolving away from our traditional format and content (CD and language learning) to more modern forms of distribution (adaptive content delivery to iOS, Android and HTML5) and new content and commercial verticals. We are an evolving leader in an exciting and fast-paced industry that is evolving daily. Our engineering teams are responsible for the services and infrastructure power the immersive and dynamic experiences we’re building at Rosetta Stone.

This position will be primarily responsible for designing and developing all aspects of the Rosetta Stone MySQL data set while helping to facilitate its continuous evolution from today nascent state to tomorrow’s best in class data platform. Candidates should have extensive experience in writing efficient automation software and a visceral aversion to doing the same task twice.

If you are interested in joining a world-class team of passionate people and industry veterans who like to work hard and play hard, we look forward to hearing from you soon!


  • Develop frameworks to automate as much as possible the administration of a large MySQL installation.
  • Use those frameworks to help maintain our ethos of moving fast by facilitating the installation. configuration, upgrades and schema deployment of a highly distributed multi-node MySQL cluster as if it were one on one server.
  • Contribute to the evolution of a best in class backup & recovery framework that accommodates the fast recovery of data.
  • Advise and support operation and engineering teams as necessary.
  • Quickly diagnose server problems and employ preventive measures to maintain high availability servers.
  • Participate in an on-call rotation.


  • Bachelor's degree in Computer science or related field.
  • At least two years experience writing production level PHP or Python.
  • High degree of proficiency in Shell scripting (Bash, Awk, etc).
  • High degree of proficiency in Linux administration.
  • Experience in benchmarking and performance evaluation of various permutations of hardware and software.
  • Proactively identify and eliminate single points of failure.
  • Strong understanding of the Innodb IO/storage model and tuning it for performance on Linux.
  • Insatiable hunger for learning.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Experience with other RDBMS software, Hbase, and proficiency in C++.
  • Contributions to the open-source community.
  • Experience with AWS.
  • Experience with Hadoop, Pig or other Map Reduce-based architectures.
  • Passion for education and language learning.
  • Obsessive focus on the customer.
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Full Time
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