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Data Engineer


Job Description

Data. It’s the cornerstone of Redfin and what our business craves.  However, data doesn’t magically appear in the beautiful way our customers see it and our analysts use it.  Our data is massaged, manipulated, structured and sometimes talked to sweetly by the master craftsmen that make up our Analytics Team.  The Analytics Team is responsible for the backend of the Redfin BI Platforms.  This includes database design, stored procedures and the supporting services that keep our analysts running at full speed, our real estate team wowed and our business optimized to the hilt.  
Redfin is growing and we’re looking for a Database Engineer with 2-5 years of professional development experience to fill a key role on the Analytics Team.
What you'll do:

  • Take ownership of several critical data systems.
  • Bust out data models, database objects and SQL.
  • Work on our 3rd party BI reporting platform.
  • Create ETL processes to move data from OLTP systems to OLAP.
  • Make the world a better place by helping to change the real estate game in the customer's favor.

Who you are:

  • Experienced with relational databases and a SQL ninja.
  • Someone who falls between product development and the business.
  • Someone with fire, tenacity and grit and is tirelessly driven to find the right answer.
  • Someone who:
    • writes SQL, asks huh?
    • writes more, asks why?
    • writes more, simply wonders.
    • writes more, asks what if?
    • writes more an says Ah Ha!
  • A college graduate with technical degree.  Comp sci., math or hard science.
  • Will be successful at playing ball with partners across the organization.
  • Highly organized with ability to self-manage.
  • Have sharp written and verbal communications. 

We're primarily a SQL Server shop but spend some time in PostgreSQL as well.  There are other opportunities to work in our big data platform on AWS and we're happy to consider smart folks from other technical backgrounds.
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2025 1st Avenue, Suite 500
Seattle, WA 98121
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Full Time