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Data Scientist

Office of the New York State Attorney General

Job Description

Executive Division

Research and Analytics Department – New York City

Data Scientist 

Reference No:  RAD_NYC_DAT_6291

Application Deadline is September 15, 2023


The Research and Analytics Department in the Office of the New York State Attorney General (OAG) is seeking candidates for a full-time Data Scientist position. Data scientists at the OAG bring their skills to bear across a wide variety of cases and investigations. The Data Scientist will utilize a vast array of tools to explore datasets, develop new databases and use statistical modeling to detect anomalies in information pertinent to OAG investigations. The goal of the data scientist at the OAG is to ensure that our most complicated cases and policy arenas have the benefit of advanced analytical tools, methodologies and strategic thinking to understand how otherwise elusive trends can be laid bare once we dive into the underlying data. 



As part of an innovative team housed in the Executive Division, you will work with senior staff and divisions throughout the OAG to support the OAG's major initiatives, investigations, and policy development. Our team researches and writes analytical reports garnering national attention, directs multi-million-dollar grant programs and supports the OAG’s major investigations. See for example: lawsuit against auto lender for deceptive practices,  preliminary report on NYPD response to Protests, JUUL lawsuit and remediation, opioids lawsuit, lawsuit preserving affordable housing from illegal kickback scheme, and the FCC fake comments report.  Utilizing a vast collection of public and confidential information, you will work with data covering the breadth of the OAG’s purview building advanced analytic tools to inform investigations that affect the lives of all New Yorkers. 


Employing over 1,800 people across New York State, the OAG is both the “People's Lawyer” and the State's chief legal officer. The Data Scientist will support OAG work in numerous legal and regulatory arenas, including protecting the rights of investors and consumers, coordinating state-wide criminal investigations, promoting civil rights, economic and social justice, encouraging harm-reducing public health strategies and preserving the State’s environment. The OAG also advises the Executive branch of State government and defends actions and proceedings on behalf of the State.


Responsibilities of the Data Scientist include, but are not limited to, the following: 

Data can and does play a pivotal role in decisioning on a wide range of the OAG’s work. The Data Scientist will be primarily responsible for:

• All aspects of using data to develop and test legal hypotheses, including:

o Brainstorming with legal teams on the data required

o Acquiring data through public sources and assisting legal teams to acquire data from confidential sources to ensure the delivery of data sufficient for investigation

o Testing data for reliability

o Distilling and incorporating relevant academic and other analytical research

o Developing and executing appropriate methodologies for data exploration and analysis

o Clearly communicating findings verbally and through written reports and visualizations

o Continuously updating analysis in the face of feedback and new data

o Quantifying uncertainty in analytical findings 

• Working closely with legal teams on all the aspects above, providing guidance and recommendations on decision making around data 

• Additional responsibilities may include:

o Developing predictive modeling to detect anomalies

o Developing or programming new databases or data tools

o Writing fact and expert reports for submission to the court and defending analysis and findings in depositions

o Helping to maintain and improve the team’s shared computational infrastructure

o Staying informed of the latest advances in data tools and techniques and sharing newfound skills with the team

o Performing other duties as requested



• Advanced degree in computer science, mathematics, applied statistics, physics, engineering or similar disciplines with demonstrated research capability or bachelor’s degree and equivalent experience and training

• At least two (2) years of demonstrated qualitative, quantitative or investigative research abilities

• Git/github familiarity 

• Experience with the following technologies:

o Programming, scripting and statistical languages (e.g., Python, R, use of dataframes)

o Data visualization software (e.g., Tableau, d3, altair, plotly, matplotlib, bokeh)

o Relational databases and advanced SQL queries 

• Excellent oral, written and presentation communication skills

• Ability to communicate technical concepts and results to non-technical audiences

• Highly organized, self-directed and curious

• Personable and positive, with a high level of integrity

• Interest in public policy and social/economic justice

• Candidates with additional experience in any of the following are preferred:

o Linux command line tools

o Graph databases (e.g. Neo4J)

o Cloud, distributed and container computing platforms (e.g. AWS, Redshift, EC2, docker)

o Machine learning frameworks (e.g. supervised and unsupervised methods such as neural networks, random forests, and generalized linear models) 

o Analyzing social networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

o Natural Language Processing or Entity Resolution


The annual salary for this position is $90,674 + $3,026 in location pay. As an employee of the OAG, you will join a team of dedicated individuals who work to serve the people of our State through a wide variety of occupations. We offer a comprehensive New York State benefits package, including paid leave, health, dental, vision and retirement benefits, and family-friendly policies. Additionally, the OAG offers a robust Workplace Flexibilities Program with multiple options for employees, including telecommuting (up to two days per week) and alternative work schedules.





Applications must be submitted online. To apply, please click on the following link: RAD_NYC_DAT_6291

To ensure consideration, applications must be received by close of business on September 15, 2023.

Applicants must be prepared to submit a complete application consisting of the following:

• Cover Letter 

uf02d You may address to Legal Recruitment.

uf02d Indicate why you are interested in this position and what makes you a strong candidate.

• Resume

• Writing Sample

- In lieu of a writing sample, please provide a code sample (data ETL and/or analysis in python and/or SQL; this can be a link to a public github/gitlab repo).

- If needed, please include a cover page to provide the reviewer with any relevant context or background information. 

• List of three (3) references 

uf02d Only submit professional references, supervisory references are preferred. 

uf02d Indicate the nature and duration of your relationship to each reference. 

uf02d Include contact information and email addresses for each reference.

uf02d Please note, your references will not be contacted until after you interview for the position.


If you have questions regarding a position with the OAG and the application process or need assistance with submitting your application, please contact Legal Recruitment via email at recruitment@ag.ny.gov or phone at 212-416-8080. 


For more information about the OAG, please visit our website: www.ag.ny.gov

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Full Time

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$75,000 – $100,000