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Chief Data Scientist

Jarvus Innovations

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[Jarv.us](https://jarv.us) is hiring for two full-time, fully remote positions to help lead a historic open-source initiative building long-term data science capacity into a critical government agency, advancing the state of the art of the modern public-sector data stack. Our client partners are a groundbreaking ‘startup-within-government’ innovation group, with empowered and visionary leadership that is already leveraging technology to make market-level impact. You’ll lay the foundations for data-driven practices that will expand transit access to millions, make critical impact on climate change, shift banking policies, and lead the way to data-driven practices for public sector agencies on a national scale.

Learn more about each role:

* Data Science Program Director: https://bit.ly/dataprogramdirector
* Data Science Tools Engineer: https://bit.ly/datatoolsengineer

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