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Business Intelligence Consultant


Job Description

Business Intelligence consulting is not just a string of industry buzzwords; it is quickly becoming one of the most valuable set of services in the business world. Thanks to leaps in data technology and software, companies are finding more value in their data than ever before. Consequently, companies are also finding more value in knowledgeable business intelligence consultants to help them utilize their data.

At InterWorks, we know the difference a quality BI consultant can make during a project. That is why we take pride in employing BI consultants who are intelligent, articulate, and passionate about their work. While it is important to have a strong understanding of data analytics, we value the character of a BI consultant much more.

Our BI consultants serve as a direct line in understanding the needs and desires of our clientele. Since BI consultants work closely with clients, they must possess friendly and engaging personalities. Their primary goal is to help clients understand and manipulate their data in order to gain value from it. This includes providing clients with hands-on training or showing them the best way to layout data visualizations. Ultimately, we want BI consultants whose primary focus is not simply meeting client needs, but exceeding them.

InterWorks’ BI consultants work on projects for an incredibly diverse range of clients in nearly every industry, including for some of the largest organizations the world. Projects also include working with different data sources (SQL Server, Oracle, Teradata, DB2, Excel, Text files, etc.) to unify client data, creating ETL processes based on client needs and managing client expectations. The ability to adapt to change quickly throughout a project is crucial.

InterWorks provides an exciting work environment, with a unique (and downright nerdy) company culture. InterWorks employees are some the most intelligent and friendly people you will ever meet, and they are the primary reason for the success of InterWorks. Joining the InterWorks team as a Business Intelligence Consultant means joining a family and our family is growing faster than ever.

Skills and Requirements

Here are some basic requirements that we look for in our Business Intelligence Consultants:


  • SQL skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • A people person
  • Business acumen
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Easily adaptable and flexible to changing situations
  • Passion for delivering compelling solutions that exceed client expectations

Highly Desired:

  • Understanding of data warehouse design
  • Coding skills (PHP, Java, C#)
  • Experience with ETL tools

About InterWorks

InterWorks is a business-to-business I.T. consulting firm based out of Stillwater, Oklahoma with staff in Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago, San Diego, New York and in Europe.  We opened our doors in 1996 to focus on I.T. networking with an emphasis on customer service.  Still focusing on the needs of the customer, we now serve clients by offering network architecture, software development, web strategy and business intelligence services on a national and global scale.

About the Business Intelligence Team

At InterWorks, we’re on the front lines of the big data revolution. Companies around the world continue to seek us out to meet their big data needs. That is why InterWorks assembled the best and brightest business intelligence team there ever was, wielding powerful data tools like Tableau and Vertica. Our BI team has provided solutions to some of the largest organizations in the world, including several Fortune 500 companies, government organizations, and respected universities.

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Full Time