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GameAnalytics wants to empower game studios of all sizes to work with data to optimize, distribute and monetize games more effectively.

GameAnalytics (SaaS) is a free data and analytics engine for game studios.

  • Technology is the heart of GameAnalytics.
  • We had 14,000 games sign up in the last 20 months.
  • We collect around 100 billion (10TB) in-game events monthly and rising rapidly
  • We’re able to handle the most data-intensive games in the world.
  • We’re Unity Gold Partners and among the most popular Unity Assets.
  • We are 27 highly skilled colleagues (ex-Popcap, ex-Wooga, ex-Unity, ex-Klarna in London, Copenhagen and Berlin).

GameAnalytics is a well-funded start-up ($8M), backed by world-class business angels and venture capitalists, and we are working with some of the most awesome studios in the world.

GameAnalytics has offices in Copenhagen, London and Berlin.

Check us out at http://www.gameanalytics.com

Job Description

Our Engineers are at the heart of GameAnalytics: They are driven, talented experts who contribute not only to the code, but to the entire product.

GameAnalytics is looking for a Chief Architect to join our backend team in Berlin to help take us from great to beyond and to ensure that technology and vision is 100% aligned.

You’re a highly creative technology visionary, a “rock star” engineering lead, but most importantly an exceptionally talented engineer who will be vital in building a strong technology culture as well as creating a cool vibe as the senior person on the Berlin team (eight back-end engineers).

We double our traffic every 3 months on our bespoke analytics platform (AWS/Erlang based), which the team is proudly evolving, operating and scaling as we grow.

We are looking for a talented and experienced individual, who can help us to scale and succeed with our analytics product as well as creating value from our massive in-game player data (e.g. engagement, monetization, social events) set across thousands of games and billions of player events.

This is a pivotal technical role for a fast growing start-up. We have reason to believe we are good at building amazing software! You are here to help us to become better.

Our technology stack:

We’re 100% AWS cloud and mobile native, so you’ll be hands-on working with a host of technologies that are leading the next generation of internet scale systems, and you’ll be responsible for our current and future choices. Our current tech stack looks like this, but we’re always evolving it:

  • Ubuntu on EC2
  • AngularJS, NGINX, TornadoWeb, Sass, Grunt, Gulp, Bower, npm
  • Erlang, S3, DynamoDB, Redshift, EMR with Python, Pig (PigPen)

To succeed in this role you will:

  • Engage with and own the technical vision, operationally as part of our teams, in the management group and outbound towards the market
  • Infuse engineering practice into the organisation
  • Join forces with the lead developers to find the right solutions
  • Take ownership of our architecture and data vision
  • Be hands-on with writing code

Key responsibilities:

  • Contribute to a long-term product vision, help build and maintain the roadmap
  • Own the architecture
  • Be the senior person in Berlin
  • Ensure our platform continues to scale at a low price point
  • Work closely with the organization to drive products from inception to launch

We are looking for someone with:

  • Start-up mindset and experience
  • Hands-on ability to engage in coding as needed
  • Experience in gaming or analytics
  • Solid foundation in maths or data science
  • Proven architecture experience at scale
  • Management experience
  • Familiarity with the Amazon stack
  • Hands-on big data experience
  • Fnctional programming skills (Erlang is a plus)

Additional Information

Keywords: #chief architect, #data, #analytics, #gaming #video games #Erlang #datamining #data mining #machine learning #perfectionist #visionary #passionate #genius

This is a unique chance to get in early with a huge upside. You'll have tons of freedom and responsibility in a world-class start-up that has massive potential and big data challenges that are among the biggest in the world.

Salary is very competitive and includes stock options.

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