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Data Scientist - Data Analytics/Computer Architecture/Cloud Applications

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Job Description


As a key member in data analytics team for Corporate Engineering, the candidate will work within advanced engineering groups and a cross-functional team to develop and execute the data analytics strategy and apply to company products. Data analytics work encompasses the acquisition, processing and machine learning of engineering or service data and  application to preventive maintenance and intelligent control of on or off-road vehicles.



  1. Collaborate with other team members to establish and execute the data analytics strategy regarding telematics, cloud hosting, data file system and preprocessing and engineering applications
  2. Work on the technical aspects of advanced diagnostics and prognostics and support the validation and verification of the intelligent preventive maintenance strategy using statistics and machine learning techniques.         
  3. Conduct independent research on new technologies in cloud-based data analytics and establish requirements (resources, equipment, estimates, test plans, and milestones) and roadmap according to the needs of a project.                          
  4. Conduct data processing and data analytics on Hadoop Distributed File Systems (HDFS) for different vehicle platforms.
  5. Responsible for manipulating high-volume, high-dimensionality data in cloud or on-premise from varying sources to highlight patterns, anomalies, relationships and trends with machine learning techniques using modeling tools (such as JMP, SAS, or Anaconda or alike).      
  6. Support or lead the development of intelligent control of on or off-road vehicle or machineries using data analytics techniques.
  7. Assist or direct feasibility studies and project estimates (man power, budget development, and timelines, etc.) on proposed research and development projects.                   
  8. Support or direct proposal development with regards to acquiring appropriate funding for various advanced data analytics and control systems program from government agencies.

Provide insight to service or engineering design teams and support maintenance enhancement  and product design improvement.           

Qualifications, Education and Experience

  • Master degree in engineering field required with one to  three years of work experiences on statistics, artificial intelligence, data analytics or  machine learning.
  • Working knowledge of telematics interfaces, data file systems (Hadoop) and data processing techniques (Kafka, Impala, or Map Reduce, etc.), database (SQL or NoSQL), data modeling and data virtualization tools in Python, R or Java/C/C++.
  • Automotive or heavy duty on or off-road vehicle, digital data bus, including Ethernet or Controller Area Network (CAN) experiences a plus.
  • Strongly motivation in learning new technologies and skills in data analytics fields
  • Excellent time management, communication and presentation skills
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Oshkosh, WI
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Full Time