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Data Warehouse Engineer


Job Description

We are looking for candidates with strong background in Data Warehouse Engineering that have managed and administered large data warehouse deployments and are open to working with and learning cutting-edge technologies in this space. Familiarity or past experience with Hive or Hadoop or related technologies is a plus. This position is based in Menlo Park.


  • Establish and maintain operational control and processes

  • Manage space, archival, and other housekeeping tasks

  • Work with client teams around data policies for data security

  • Regularly monitor the Hive cluster around space issues and follow up with teams around unused tables and partitions

  • Create, run, and monitor jobs around compactions, compressions, archival

  • Create and maintain all operational support documentation


  • Bachelor's degree in Computer science or related field

  • Hands on programmer, strong in data structures and programming practices

  • At least 2 years experience writing production level PHP, Python or Java

  • High degree of proficiency in Shell scripting (Bash, Awk, etc)

  • SQL experience highly desirable

  • Solid experience with large-scale, distributed systems design and development with a strong understanding of scaling, performance and scheduling

  • Experience being a power-user of projects in the Apache Hadoop ecosystem such as Pig, Hive, HBase etc. is a big plus

  • Experience with Map Reduce or other parallel programming techniques is a big plus

  • High degree of proficiency in Linux systems administration

  • Experience implementing job schedulers for large-scale, multi-tenant systems is a big plus

  • Expert understanding of ETL techniques and best practices to handle extremely large volume of data

  • 5 years of applied technical knowledge of databases

  • 5 years experience with configuration management and project management

  • 2+ years experience with shared-nothing data warehouses

  • 2+ years combined experience among databases, shared-nothing, data warehouse applications, enterprise integration tools, data warehouse technology and modeling tools

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1 Hacker Way
Menlo Park, CA 94025
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Full Time