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GIS Software Engineer


Job Description

We are looking for a GIS software engineer who has an interest and capability to help develop core functions of our platform. You need to be ready and willing to step up to play an important role within a small engineering and development team. Your role will include interfacing with the executive team. You will work closely with senior engineers and executives as well as our UX/ UI lead to help shape and define our platform.

Core Responsibilities:

  • You will design software, write and test code, define APIs, create documentation and deploy products.
  • You will help to develop features and manage the product.
  • You will create and deploy apps for all modern desktop and mobile platforms.
  • You will work with a team of other developers and backend engineers to deliver an information architecture and easy-to-use mapping tools to make sense of all geospatial data through profound visualisations and unique storytelling technology.

Relevant Experience:

  • Bachelors Degree or higher in Computer Science or other closely related field.
  • 5+ years app development experience.
  • Comfortable with geospatial applications.
  • Working with TypeScript, Angular, WebGL, GLSL
  • Experience developing cloud-deployed apps on AWS, Google or Azure.
  • Ideally, you would be experienced on both frontend and backend
  • Experience designing and implementing APIs.
  • Experience visualising exceptionally large quantities of information.

Job Specification:

  • Developing visualisation tools and techniques for exceptionally large quantities of data.
  • Collaboratively designing significant applications.
  • Utilising open-source tools applicable to your efforts.
  • Using a development platform’s diagnostic tools.

Skills & Requirements:

  • Solid understanding of mathematical mechanics of visualisations and analysis schemes for very large data sets
  • Solid project management skills and interest
  • Good communication skills
  • Team player
  • Familiarity with interactive 3D WebGL visualisations
  • Designed and implemented backend and full-stack architectures for query pipeline, core metadata
  • Designed and implemented backend data transformation, statistical analysis and forecasting, and filtering pieces
  • Designing responsive web apps for both mobile and desktop
  • Working within remote/ distributed teams (preferred)
  • Fluent in several programming languages, at least TypeScript
  • Applicants must be eligible to work in the UK
  • Candidates will ideally be based in London, or alternatively able to travel to and work from London for periods of the year 

Software Knowledge & Familiarity:

  • Familiarity with geospatial tools:  QGIS, ESRI, GDAL
  • Geospatial formats:  WMS, WFS, WCS, PBF, WMT, Shapefiles
  • Full-stack development experience writing a web-based 3D geospatial application:
  • Angular 12+
  • Typescript 4+
  • Ionic 5+
  • Javascript (ES6)
  • WebGL 2.1 (including vertex and fragment shaders)
  • ReactiveX
  • Akita
  • Google Cloud Platform (Authentication, Cloud Firestore)
  • AWS S3, RDS, EC2
  • PostGIS 9.6+
  • Geoserver 2.18+
  • Cesium 1.82+ (experience with internal CesiumJS development an asset)

Please include a copy of your portfolio with your CV.


About EarthX

EarthX provides web-based software and tools to visualise data and navigate content online in a 3D digital environment.

EarthX is a geospatial data visualisation and communication platform. Key themes of combining, creatively visualising and putting together non-sector specific data in a simple, accessible and personally meaningful context based on an objective 3D digital globe. Facilitating and forwardly organising data into knowledge, knowledge into understanding that can be worked with more easily and shared effectively, is one of our principle objectives.

EarthX is partly designed as a publishing and distribution platform. Custodians, curators and creatives are able to generate and publish highly engaging content in a geospatial environment EarthX platform. Unique delivery solutions built into the platform, enable the content to be delivered to users via a choice of reference fields based spatial or temporal relevancy or based on a matching of the content to individual interests.

Many public agencies are required to make their data available to public, while private institutions benefit from a clearer, easier-to-interpret and more impactful means of communicating data and it’s context. For this publishing and distribution model, we have identified demand among organisations and institutions, whom are custodians of data, and consumer audiences, who are searching for information.

EarthX users receive significant educational and entertainment value. EarthX provides those consuming information (personal users) with a “wow” factor experience, and also an opportunity to learn something new every single day. Meanwhile data-custodians (commercial users) have a new medium to communicate key data (information) to their stakeholders in, what we believe, is the easiest and most effective ways as possible. 

EarthX also strives to create a transparent and community-based environment where users can engage with content and content creators.

Interested parties should email their CV and cover letter (optional)

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Employment Type:
Full Time

Salary range:
$100,000 – $150,000