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Job Description

Hi, I'm Will, Head of Analytics and Strategic Finance at Customer.io, and I'm looking for a new data analyst/analytics engineer to join our team!

As the third member of our Analytics team, we'll work together to curate our data, uncover insights, and create dashboards. By helping stakeholders across our team understand how each element of the business is operating, you'll help us move smarter and faster.

You'll be a consultant and trusted advisor to folks across our Finance, Operations, Product, Marketing, Sales and Customers Teams. While data helps inform many decisions at Customer.io, it’s one factor alongside other things like customer research, our experience, and intuition. You won’t find us running experiments to figure out which of 50 shades of blue is the best one for a button color! You'll be helping us make decisions that matter.

A bit about how we work...

We get data into our Snowflake warehouse though a mix of scalable SaaS tools (Stitch, Segment) and engineering-managed data pipelines for data generated by our App. We curate that raw data into an analytics layer using dbt and then build charts and dashboards using Sigma and Mode. Sometimes we'll take that data into Sheets to build a forecast or pipe it into a tool like Sisu for more exploration. We're always interested in exploring new ways to unearth insights.

As our new Data Analyst, you will...

  • Help our Sales Development team understand which prospective customers are most likely to convert.
  • Help our Product team understand how our new EU datacenter impacts customer demographics.
  • Help our Customers team understand the value of Customer Success Managers.
  • Help our Technical Support team build a hiring forecast.

You are...

  • An independent problem-solver, but aren’t afraid to ask for help or collaboration when you need to.
  • Curious, inquisitive, and constantly seeking to understand how things work.
  • Capable of digging through the weeds to find a nugget of insight, but willing to step back before you've lost a week to a fruitless search.
  • Empathetic and able to put yourself into the shoes of your stakeholders to better understand what they care about and help them answer the questions they may not yet know they need to ask.
  • You know how to build and maintain clean, intuitive datasets that will enable you to answer new questions quickly and accurately.
  • A strong communicator - particularly in written form since clear writing will be important to sharing your insights with others across our distributed team.
  • Based in UTC -4 to -7 (North or South America) to maximize working hours overlap.

What we're looking for

  • An experienced analyst who has worked across multiple functions and/or companies, even if you didn't have a "data analyst" title.
  • An exceptional story-teller who can communicate complex analyses in digestible ways to a non-technical audience.
  • Someone who will help business leaders see around corners and drive impactful change to the business.
  • Fluency in SQL to query and (bonus!) dbt to transform data.

Ideally, but not required...

  • You’ve used tools in our stack like: DBT, Snowflake, Mode, Sigma, Stitch Data, Segment, Sisu.
  • You've worked with Product Analytics tools like Mixpanel and Amplitude.
  • You’ve worked with data from CRM tools like Close.io
  • You’ve worked with data from payment applications like Stripe

About Customer.io

Our mission at Customer.io is to power automated communication that people like to receive. Today over 3,800 internet businesses use Customer.io to manage, send, and track performance of email, SMS, and push notifications. Unlike typical marketing platforms, Customer.io helps businesses increase relevance by using behavioral data: what people do or don’t do when logged in to a web or mobile app.

We are offering a starting salary of $81,000 to $129,000 USD depending on experience and subject to market rate.

Benefits at Customer.io include:

  • Unlimited PTO - we recommend 20 vacation days (in addition to holidays and sick days) so that you can unwind, unplug, and recharge
  • 100% medical, dental, vision, and supplemental insurance for you and your dependents
  • 12 weeks paid parental leave - for birth, adoption, or foster care
  • 401k retirement matching - up to 5% dollar for dollar match to retirement contributions
  • Health and wellness allowance - Up to $200 USD per month that can be used for your healthy living needs, including gym membership, acupuncture, massage, or bike repairs
  • Home office stipend - Up to $2,000 USD to help you get your home office set up so you can do your best work
  • Internet + cell phone reimbursement - Up to $200 USD per month for your internet and cell phone plans
  • Co-working space reimbursement - Up to $300 USD per month for those times you'd prefer to work in a co-working environment
  • Learning + development - Up to $2,000 USD reimbursement per year to use on conferences, books, classes, or workshops - anything that will help you develop your skills
  • 1 month paid sabbatical after four years at Customer.io - to treat yourself to a vacation, or spend however you choose
  • Company retreats twice a year - we typically get together IRL every spring and fall, and are planning for our Spring 2022 retreat to be in Athens, Greece!
  • Flexible schedule, work anywhere you want! - as long as you have a reliable internet connection and some overlapping work time with your manager, you can work where and when you want

All final candidates will be asked to complete an employment and education verification authorization form (which allows us to verify your job history and education listed on your resume) as part of our pre-employment process.

Customer.io recognizes the stifling impact of systemic injustice on diverse communities. We commit to using our influence to increase inclusion and equity within the tech industry. We strive to build an inclusive team culture, implement bias-free hiring practices, and develop community partnerships to expand our global impact.

Join us!

Check out our careers page for more information about why you should come work with us! We are passionate about our core values of Empathy, Transparency, Responsibility, and Awkwardness and are looking for new coworkers to share and build that passion!

How to apply

Apply at the link below by 9am PDT April 18th and tell us why you're interested in the position! In your cover letter, be sure to tell us who is your favorite superhero. There is no advantage to applying early so put your best foot forward. We plan to respond to all applicants by April 25th with a status update about your application.

Here's what you can expect from our hiring process:

  1. 30-minute video call with Recruiter, Maria
  2. 30 - 45 minute video call with the Hiring Manager, Will 
  3. 30 - 45 minute video call with two potential stakeholders 
  4. Take-Home Assignment
  5. Assignment Review Call with two potential team members 
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Full Time

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$75,000 – $100,000