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Data Scientist

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Data Scientist

While each analysis and project is based on the client’s immediate needs, some of the common activities include: 

  • Perform analysis and work with large volumes of information to discover hidden treasurers buried in vast amounts of data. 
  • Compile data from several different sources and determine feasibility of deriving benchmarks and metrics as variables in an analysis and forecast model. Recommend new data sources to enhance the end output. 
  • Develop statistically valid extrapolations using historical data. 
  • Directly design, program and run queries in SQL. For complex queries work with the SQL team to ensure design is executed according to specification. Enhance data collection and aggregation procedures to constantly improve the system. 
  • Quality check inputs and outputs to ensure clean, highly accurate results. 
  • Use creativity and statistical analysis techniques to constantly improve algorithms and models. 
  • Interface with the product team to turn analysis, algorithms and models into market facing products. 
  • An ability to produce compelling visualization and tell stories through data using Tableau, Excel and PowerPoint. 


  • At least 2 years experience with healthcare data including claims 
  • Superior knowledge of statistics, analysis and predictive modeling 
  • Proven creativity in solving varying and complex challenges using data 
  • Bachelors degree in mathematics, statistics, biology, computer science or a field requiring significant use of data, statistics and creativity to solve problems 
  • Strong SQL skills 
  • Excel, PowerPoint, Tableau and R knowledge 
  • Knowledge of consumer data and marketing preferred 
  • A desire to learn, grow and make a difference in the most complex and impactful industry in America 

About Claims Data Research 

Claims Data Research is at the forefront of solving some of the most important and challenging problems in healthcare using data and analytics. Our clients demand creativity, curiosity, and the use of data to solve perplexing problems in healthcare. Our mission is to make a true difference in the delivery of safe, effective care using data. 

Why Claims Data Research 

Do you want to make a true difference in how healthcare is delivered in America? That is not a statement we make lightly. Our clients and CDR are working hard to change healthcare in America and move to a safer, more effective method of delivery. We are looking for the best and the brightest to help us make our vision and that of our clients a reality. Creativity, curiosity and a data driven approach to problem solving are at the core of what we do. If you are interested in helping us change how healthcare is delivered while having freedom to try new and ever more creative approaches to data based problem solving then we look forward to meeting you.

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