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Senior Manager Business Analytics

Billy Casper Golf

Job Description

Billy Casper Golf is committed to advancing the marketing science of the golf industry. With exciting work being done in business analytics, we are attracting highly talented people to lead the industry in this effort. This position offers an outstanding opportunity to apply strong analytical ability in the industry of sports.

The Senior Manager Business Analytics will be responsible for driving revenue through quantitative-based approaches across digital, customer, and pricing analytics. The candidate will be able to work with little guidance and will be expected to introduce new concepts and capabilities to the organization. The candidate will address complicated business questions using structured problem solving and detailed analysis, and create solutions that are clear and actionable. 

  • Develop capabilities to automate paid advertising campaigns that are continually optimized in reaction to performance.
  • Build analysis tools that evaluate campaign performance to convey to key stakeholders.
  • Develop tools to assess SEO of all portfolio-wide websites and condense findings into actionable improvements that can be executed at scale.
  • Derive key customer level metrics for optimizing loyalty offerings and setting advertising budgets and approaches.
  • Isolate key indicators of behaviors to determine priority segmentations for digital marketing efforts.
  • Develop approaches and models to derive optimal pricing by channel, with a focus on dynamic pricing.
  • Create analysis reports that evaluate the effectiveness of pricing approaches and convey performance to key stakeholders.


  • Expertise in R or other similar programming languages
  • Ability to build applications using R or similar languages to distribute analytics to all stakeholders
  • Ability to create compelling data visualizations that communicate key findings to aid in decision making processes
  • Exceptional querying skills using SQL
  • Extensive experience in at least two of the following: digital, customer, and pricing analytics
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in business analytics
  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering, physics, computer science, or mathematics required
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Job Location
Reston, VA
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Employment Type:
Full Time