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VP of Software Engineering

Bat Blue Networks

Job Description

Company Description

Bat Blue Networks is an innovative Cloud Security-as-a-Service that leverages a unique Globally distributed Security Abstraction Layer (Global SeAL) technology to deliver uniform and consistent security for all organizational Brick & Mortar facilities, Cloud & SaaS applications, as well as Mobile and IoT assets. Bat Blue is an expansion-stage start-up with stable products and enterprise clients.

Our key differentiator is the capability to functions as a comprehensive security infrastructure displacement solution supporting all ports, protocols, and applications, compared to today's proxy point products in-the-cloud.  Bat Blue's technology runs on a proprietary and patent-pending platform that enhances end-to-end performance between 30- 400% over traditional product-based security and tier 1 ISP combinations.

The offering is well established having gone into production in 2012 and most recently was responsible for the delivery of the 2014 FIFA Brazil World Cup Games.

Job Description

Bat Blue is searching for a Vice President of Software Engineering to offload this essential function from the founder who is functioning in multiple roles including CEO and CTO. This is the founder's third successful start-up and he is experienced in successfully transitioning roles to other leaders within the organization.

This is a key management role and this individual will be a stakeholder in setting the direction of, and building success with the organization's technology offering. Strong leadership is imperative, as this is a key leadership role within the organization. Integrity, strength of character, ability to thrive under pressure, humility, reliability and surefooted confidence are all integral attributes of the management team and essential for this role.

We are extremely passionate about what we do, technology fearless, with a history of creative innovation and execution. We expect the same for this role, which is best suited for a creative, fearless, and passionate, yet humble person who knows how to execute and has staying power.

Bat Blue has grown 300+% year-over-year and the leader we seek must have the acumen to initially thrive with a small team, and the experience to grow and manage a successful global development operation.

Compensation:  Six-figure base with a healthy equity position


  • This is a Player/Coach role which requires fresh and current hands-on development experience

  • This role is not for an individual whose primary experience is in the Windows Environment

  • 15+ years of software development experience

  • 10+ years of leadership experience
  • Deployed 3 Large Scale or 1 Globally Distributed Application

Location:  Greater New York Area


  • Planning – Experienced in translating brainstorming sessions into specific qualified and quantified functions. Ability to develop detailed plans with specific goals, priorities, timelines and budgets to effectuate ideas into products and product feature sets.
  • Architecture – Architect that can lead the specification and development effort of the comprehensive software, infrastructure, and application architectures with consideration to timelines, scalability, globalization, security, and privacy.
  • People Manager - Extremely strong manager of people, in-house and external development resources to ensure projects meet or exceed deliverable timelines, functional objectives, and security standards. You need to know how to build a positive work environment while moving the team beyond their comfort zone to do quality work on deadline.
  • Process Manager – Diligent manager of the development lifecycle with agile / waterfall methodologies with the ability to mentor team members in these methodologies.
  • Team Building – Well connected to the community at-large to recruit and attract top-notch talent to grow the team. The proper candidate will know, will have work experience with and be respected by a slew of people from various development disciplines.
  • Discipline – Experience in network and application security is an absolute MUST! Application integrity testing and ethical hacking a very valuable plus.  Security, integrity, and availability of systems is critical.
  • Development – Strong and active developer with experience in:
    • Structured, general purpose programming languages such as C and Java
    • Scripting languages such as Python or Ruby
    • REST APIs and API development
    • Web front-ends and web User Experience
    • Mobile application development for IOS, Android, Windows
    • Large scale SQL and NoSQL Database architecture such as H-Base, Elastic Search, MySQL, and Hadoop Eco-system
    • Mastery of the Linux / UNIX operating platform and eco-system
    • Engaged participant and active awareness of open source projects, their leads and their communities.
    • Ability to deliver high-performing “tuned” applications with a mix of software requirements, platform capabilities, and hardware specs.
    • Experienced in the QA process to drive both internal and external QA of applications for functionality and security testing.
  • Librarian / Historian – A critical must-have is extremely well documented plans and extremely well documented code. Someone who has conviction that documentation is an active part of the process and not an afterthought.
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