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Director of Data Engineering


Job Description

You will lead the team that designs and architects the systems that runs on thousands of machines. You will build systems that support tens of thousands of concurrent requests as well building systems that can perform complex distributed queries against huge data sets.  Data is at the heart of what we do at AddThis and your work will be a critical factor in our success.


  • Grow and lead a team of elite engineers
  • Deliver production data services for internal and external applications
  • Work with Operations to design and build scalable cost efficient computer systems
  • Provide tools, training, and resources that enable AddThis engineers to leverage our data
  • Build and maintain high-performance distributed systems
  • Design and implement highly scalable API's and services that receive billions of requests per day
  • Be fanatical about performance and performance monitoring
  • Use efficient data structures and algorithms to enable data processing at scale
  • Code primarily in Java but also able to use the right language for the right job


  • Demonstrated ability to lead teams and deliver quality results
  • Extensive experience with distributed computing, performance analysis, network protocols, data storage subsystems, and Linux
  • Strong computer science fundamentals including a deep understanding of data structures and distributed algorithms
  • Able to create elegant, efficient, and testable code
  • Expert Java programmer with a deep understanding of the JVM, the Java memory model, and asynchronous I/O.
  • BS, MS, or PhD in Computer Science or related field


  • 5+ years of experience leading and managing engineering teams
  • Experience processing very large data sets
  • Experience working with advertising systems
  • Ability to understand and implement machine learning algorithms
  • Experience with Cassandra, Hadoop, Riak, MongoDB, or similar technologies
  • Familiar with common POSIX and Linux specific system calls
  • Understanding of Linux Kernel development
  • Experience developing high performance software that operates on SSDs
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Job Location
McLean, VA
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Employment Type:
Full Time